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tv   11 News at 430PM  CBS  February 24, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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4:31 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:39 pm
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ev conma l'go u y?iva: yep eve: 2s on clock ea sk 1 wh do yas th men? ivif e:e beite bringn. h steve:amsothing pele iv c ev half? oo stme the th when reau e crodaye e:'go. y,oc thd. wesk. which state do you tnkng men? you calirn
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be ding yai.. a vey . a: yes ce on ste: name . yo... e eaid. hollan ai sha: oy god. tell he nf ekstra e wdid..
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damn te re.aly.he gnewsorad n kashyap:he bad steve: the bad news waut o ae t t e. u wanews?shive stev ss. kashya w s hona d m a ask u e sa ons. yant du ers. if you dona s , "tga gie sw goa terhi nae yoecu ady? all ght,remi ybofvas an secon othe cloc y ntio m aed 1 wen. icstate do y has the st-looking men?
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eve:amg gran miittle to on. kashe: namthing pelek. kap:ept aner amso peopic kashyap: lollipop.steve: tall elf? ya 3t . ryin yap: fee el the night ofthe wn rents cwdshy. rd on, shivgo got it.h, mgod. oh, lor byod d. aate do y hathbe-lki men said the stof wasn, d. lyd thg is
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thnuer one et g be atle too be ding on. sa hife. i n' you t u dfuy. u ned ur we. eyycleoter popslembl-
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e. o. ey' cing riba
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thouies. strv 'll yex
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n: made georgia narrator: why do we figh wthat thingeethin eacofthatpetotle grntts wher, righomeginni ok, okay, okay y? beusjuni. aren, kivey be oneht imy lif th is sty hpped w, as u owi cely lathe altd woinouinft a e om actually th waate . a dyunntg, unarabletrm py.
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ted, goi to t yome... i will come ba , wee rtgomeplelse at always be the guwho leftthe al at!(chuckng tesuhh.e starney. wh dyo the'rlerin tedat. e'nolien a woranneingharne mk. e, hguret whe ba coue an coersatiby saytles of black sis d at happeni? t uir d s t i won't elet marshastro wh thel ishis? i'ved kioudougrit? han't?h,ell... ugartiwa a baender ataclan'
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gh pia iaaythree inu edo owg. thrsin tt do had bit a viont seak....just so he'sround,and we're ju ko he's making that face, what we s we l he was weird about hwhat wh aryoloinha?uhsii wa it's a t ist y?yowantlaitp? iy, g, ill tl you wh, y don't w d youra?cuse m, go ahe it. grab irit ahead. no, you don't want to gme go ahead d grab it, no? don't ?
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ahli youuys! mebuthing t was oyals reguhey-y y, yous waour h? oh, no 'roverere. ahahah yblileoooh, noit fe,t'fine, u lobis!les ts mewhe --ots rerved. w!om let's e meuse,atr. upouet. ayguhe we! so thas wh the hell his?! , , wellsome guys are sittt yoow wha thfi hus)itoo'lkee okay oh, boy, there he goes. (iistinct argu ndistillin , l journ our usbootgemen, i wil yo ae outs asceitwha go out ithand fighguys. at'sning


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